Celebrating K-Pop Birthdays in October! 🎉


October is not just the month of falling leaves and Halloween; it's also a month filled with K-Pop stars celebrating their birthdays! From legends who've been in the industry for years to rising idols, October has a bit of everything. Let's take a moment to wish these talented artists a fantastic birthday.

October 1st: A Flurry of Birthdays

October starts with a bang, featuring a group of talented artists celebrating their birthdays. Misty from GAVY NJ, Minyong from LedApple, Taeseok from OBROJECT, Suhyun from SNUPER, Gohyeon from 14U, Shu A from Pritz, Siyeon from Dreamcatcher, Han Bitna from Year 7 Class 1, Seoyeon from AZM, and Shita from JWiiver all share this special day. Happy birthday to all of you! 🎂🎉

October 2nd: More K-Pop Stars Shine

The K-Pop celebration continues on October 2nd with Kisu from 24K (Soloist), Daeun from Marmello, Park Moonchi from CSVC, Ruche from TO.1, and Hajin from Melody Pink. May your birthdays be filled with joy and love! 🎈🎂

October 3rd: A Mix of Talents

October 3rd brings together a diverse group of K-Pop artists celebrating their birthdays, including Eunhye from Baby VOX, Heuira from Sunny Days, Darae from Blady, Gunmin from BIG, Bang Chan from Stray Kids, Juri from Rocket Punch, Ayu from Hit Girls, Kim Soomin from tripleS, and many more. Happy birthday, and may your day be filled with music and happiness! 🎵🎂

October 4th: K-Pop Stars Galore

On October 4th, we celebrate the birthdays of Shorry J from Mighty Mouth, Yubin from Wonder Girls (Soloist), Ilhoon from BTOB (Soloist), Jeonghan from Seventeen, Jiwoo from KARD, Jooan from We In The Zone, Yuju from GFriend (Soloist), and many others. Your talent and dedication to the industry are truly commendable! 🌟🎤

October 5th: A Colorful Array of Birthdays

Mila from FEVER and a bunch of talented artists like Soomin from CIVA, Soyoon from T-ARA, Chunji from Teen Top, Rumi from PURPLAY, SOLE (Soloist), and more share October 5th as their birthday. Wishing you all a day as bright as your performances! 🌈🎉

October 6th: A Variety of Stars

October 6th brings us Bongsun from Celeb Five, Kyunghoon from BUZZ, Andy from Seven O’Clock, Jooheon/Joohoney from Monsta X, and many more. Your unique talents light up the K-Pop world. Keep shining! ✨🌟

October 7th: Celebrating Legends

On October 7th, we celebrate the birthdays of Thunder from MBLAQ (Soloist), Lay from EXO (Soloist), Nicole from Kara (Soloist), and many others. Your contributions to K-Pop have left an indelible mark. 🎤🕺

October 8th: A Day of Birthdays

October 8th brings us Misty from Gavy NJ, Baram from Bigstar, Semi from Jewelry, Chloe from K-Girls, and more. May your day be as fantastic as your performances! 🎶🎂

October 9th: A Talented Bunch

Listen from The Legend, Bongjun from N-SONIC, J.Per from AKZ, and more celebrate their birthdays on October 9th. Your music is a gift to us all! 🎁🎵

October 10th: A Day of Icons

October 10th is a special day, with icons like Kangta from HOT, Suzy from Miss A, and Eunbi from AiRiSU celebrating their birthdays. Your influence on the industry is immeasurable! 🌟💃

October 11th: More Celebrations

On October 11th, we celebrate the birthdays of Henry from Super Junior, JOO (Soloist), and GO from NTB, among others. Your music touches our hearts! ❤️🎶

October 12th: A Variety of Talents

Yoomin from NRG, Lee Jihyun from Jewelry, Seo Kangjoon from 5URPRISE, and many others celebrate their birthdays on October 12th. Your artistry knows no bounds! 🎨🎉

October 13th: A Day of Creativity

October 13th is a day for creative souls, with artists like Jimin from BTS, Seungmin from Golden Child, and Sihun from BDC celebrating their birthdays. Your creativity inspires us all! 🎨🎉

October 14th: More to Celebrate

Swings (Soloist), Kota from Sunny Hill, and Amet from GP Basic, among others, celebrate their birthdays on October 14th. Your uniqueness is your superpower! 🌟🎂

October 15th: A Day of Stars

October 15th brings us stars like Donghae from Super Junior, Taehyun from HOTSHOT, and Mei Qi from Cosmic Girls. You light up the stage wherever you go! ✨🎤

October 16th: A Day for the Rising Stars

October 16th is a day for rising stars like Mincheon/Min from Shooter-X and We In The Zone, and Chaelin from Fanatics. Your potential is limitless! 🌟🚀

October 17th: Celebrating Diversity

On October 17th, we celebrate the diversity of K-Pop with artists like Jisun from Girl’s Day, Spax from BLANC7, and Anne from GWSN. Your unique styles enrich the industry! 🎵🌈

October 18th: A Day of Talents

Hayul from Berry Chu, Kiryun from Billion, and Zeni.Kim from Elizabeth are among the talented individuals celebrating their birthdays on October 18th. Your talents shine bright! ✨🎤

October 19th: A Day for the Future

October 19th is a day for the future stars of K-Pop, including Heejin from LOONA and Ellyn from GIRLKIND. Your potential is boundless! 🌟🌠

October 20th: More Birthdays to Celebrate

Su-Ah from Girl Hood, EJ from Tahiti, and BM from KARD are just a few of the artists celebrating their birthdays on October 20th. Keep rocking the stage! 🎸🎉

October 21st: A Day for Memories

October 21st brings us artists like Jisun from Messgram and Lee Jieyeong from Piggy Girls. May your birthdays be filled with beautiful memories! 📸🎂

October 22nd: A Day for Vibes

Chancellor (Soloist), Linzy from FIESTAR, and BM from KARD are among those celebrating their birthdays on October 22nd. Keep creating those good vibes! 🎵✌️

October 23rd: A Day of Influence

October 23rd is a day for influential figures in K-Pop, including Jinu from Jinusean, Myeongjoon from Dongdae Oppa, and Wooshin/Wooseok from UP10TION. Your impact is undeniable! 🌟🎶

October 24th: A Day for Energy

Nami from Black Pearl and Sign from MAP6 celebrate their birthdays on October 24th. Your energy is infectious! 🎉💃

October 25th: A Day of Dance

K-Pop's dancers shine on October 25th, with members like WinWin from NCT and Lee Know from Stray Kids celebrating their birthdays. Keep dancing to the rhythm of your dreams! 💃🕺

October 26th: A Day for Uniqueness

October 26th brings us unique artists like Kid Milli (Soloist) and Yanan from Pentagon. Embrace your individuality! 🌟🎵

October 27th: A Day for Voice

Daegeon from F.CUZ, Ray from Billion, and Wooshin/Wooseok from UP10TION are among those celebrating their birthdays on October 27th. Your voices resonate with us all! 🎶🗣️

October 28th: A Day for Charisma

P-Dragon from BgA, Bin from Hot Blood Youth, and Seulgi from Rendezvous are just a few celebrating their birthdays on October 28th. Your charisma lights up the stage! 🌟🎤

October 29th: A Day for Versatility

Hyunjun from Dawg’loo, Yuka from Peach Girl, and Chanhyun from Messgram celebrate their birthdays on October 29th. Your versatility is a gift to the industry! 🎭🎉

October 30th: A Day for Creativity

On October 30th, artists like Junseok from Taesaja and BM from KARD celebrate their birthdays. Keep creating and inspiring! 🎨🎤

October 31st: A Spooky Birthday Celebration

Lastly, on Halloween, we celebrate the birthdays of Hojoon from Topp Dogg, Seunghyub from N.Flying, and Yena from Swalla. Your performances are truly bewitching! 🎃🕺

Let's all join in wishing these amazing K-Pop stars a very happy birthday! 🎂🎉🎶 #KPopBirthdays #OctoberStars

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